Real time navigation and maps

Have all the needed information right in front of you on a handy map. Check speed per hour, directions and ETA.

Search and plan a route

Easily search for an address and set a route. Add intermediate points and set direction of your own.

Eco and Background mode

  • Save up to 50% of your battery life and do multitasking with the Eco & Background modes!
  • * Eco mode – Your battery lasts twice longer as voice directions are on and no maps or tiles are loaded. The eco screen shows distance and time left.
  • * Background mode (WP8 only) – You get directions while performing different operations.

Points of Interest (POI)

Find a nearby hotel, restaurant, gas station or a place of interest.

Speed Camera Notifications

Get alerts whenever you are approaching а police speed trap, radar or a speed camera (fixed, mobile or traffic light).

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  • Google Maps®
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  • Short&Long instructions in 8 different languages
  • Google Maps®, Bing® & MapQuests®
  • Speed cameras & Way / Via points
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