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Turn-by-turn voice navigation in 8 different languages with the best map coverage across the world. Gets you anywhere!

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No Blind Spot on the Globe

Backed by the live maps of Google®, Bing® and MapQuest®, we hardly leave a place on earth uncovered. For daily commuters and globetrotters alike - as long as you put your hands on the wheel, we help you stay on track and get you to your destination.

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Built With You in Mind

Designed to take the hassle out of your trip giving you all the important driving information and spoken turn-by-turn instructions in 8 different languages. As a nifty app packed with powerful, few-taps-away features, GPS Voice Navigation integrates seamlessly with your Windows Phone.

real time maps

Saves 50% Battery Life

The most battery friendly, extensively tested live navigation app out there. The Eco and Background modes are perfect options for long-haul trips, while the voice directions and speed camera alerts stay on.

battery performance

Safe Travel, No Speeding Tickets

If you wish, GPS Voice Navigation alerts you whenever you approach а police speed trap, radar or a speed camera thanks to the on-device database for the international road network.

speed cameras

GPS Voice Navigation has been around for some time and always struck us as a quality navigation app.

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  • Google Maps®
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  • Short&Long instructions in 8 different languages
  • Google Maps®, Bing® & MapQuest®
  • Speed cameras & Insert via option
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